We have good news! The project has been aproved! :) 

Last week we started the project in our school by making a big  collaborative painting named "My heart".  

Our y6 artists!

This year the Arts and Crafts project that will be developed along the school year is focused on the Japanese artist "Yayoi Kusama". 
As soon as we start the project we will post the activities and the workshops done. 
We would like you to be involved in this project, so soon we will ask you to participate. 
By now  please find enclosed this video about how kids understand Yayoi's paintings, and also the main goals and information of the European Project etwinning "Be an artist" that we will start at the school as soon as it is approved by the European authorities.

Información del proyecto

In this project the pupils will learn about some famous artists. Each school will decide the artist they want to focus their project on.
The pupils will analyse and compare the styles of the chosen artist and produce artwork imitating the style. This work will be shared with their partners and will also be exhibited at in their schools.
It will be an opportunity for very young children to get in touch with other European children of the same age and communicate through Art, culture and creativity. They will use English as a language of communication. And also it will be a great tool to compile a bunch of resources of different artists. 


-To get to know famous artists, by studying them through artworks in their schools and by receiving the information about the artwork done by other children.
• To create different pieces of artwork in the style of the artists chosen: self-portrait, abstract painting, portrait, etc.
• To enjoy doing and exchanging creative work by giving them a real meaningful purpose.
• To exchange teaching experiences about creative activities in the art class.
• To create, develop and exchange pieces of work in different ways: PowerPoints, website publishing or post, pupils will be able to appreciate the similarities and diversities of their backgrounds. Such activities would bring the wider world into the classroom and develop friendships across Europe.
• To focus on our pupils’ curiosity and confidence in their own creative and expressive potential.
To learn how to use the technologies of the information society (i.e. ITC).


Pupils will know some aspects of the biography and some masterpieces of the artists chosen through Internet and Power Point presentations.
• Each school will create their pieces of art to share with the other school in order to admire and compare their productions.
• The works will be published on Twinspace.
• On the schools we’ll have an exhibition with our work, so everyone can see the products of this project. Pictures of the exhibition will be also shared on Twinspace.
1. September - October: election of the artists by the schools and planning the project.
3.November-May: workshops at the schools, exchange of information, creation of the project on the platform e-Twinning, uploading materials onto the platform...
4. June: end of activities and evaluation of the project.


Pupils’ motivation to develop their creativity,
Final products ( portraits, power point presentations...)
Twinspace, pictures.
Satisfaction of sharing pieces of work with kids of the same age.
Teachers collaboration, International networking and cooperation between the countries.

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